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Player Administration

Return of the ban hammer. Multis and those who love them. (Posted by Baugrems on Year 19 Day 208)
 1 Year 19 Day 208, 23:25 Baugrems banned player Laiora Tauriel providing the following re...

Repeat offender multi ban (Posted by Baugrems on Year 19 Day 169)
Baugrems banned player Ozy Mandias providing the following reason: Multi Ban Permanent ban for this player. Continued to try to ...

O`Cheaters will be caught. Asset Laundering. (Posted by Baugrems on Year 19 Day 151)
Baugrems banned player Cait Catra providing the following reason: Asset Laundering 2 Year 19 Day 151, 11:20 Baugrems banned playe...

Community News

Deathmatch - New Round! (Posted by Baugrems on Year 19 Day 66)
New set of people to vote for this week. Go forth and bring death... or something. CLICK ME TO GO VOTE Grudge Sign up appears...

CP Ship Contest Winners! (Posted by Jevon Lambright on Year 19 Day 53)
The votes are in , tallied, sorted, recounted, and comple. Here are the winners for the first ever Competition to design your own...

Ever wanted to design a CP ship? Now's your chance! (Posted by Jevon Lambright on Year 19 Day 15)
UPDATE: All submissions are being reviewed and voted on currently by a panel of judges. There will be multiple rounds, and winn...

Technical News

Asim Applications 2018H2 (Posted by Baugrems on Year 19 Day 206)
It is time once again for ASIM applications! Three potential slots are open.  Here are the rules: Newly hired asims a...

Arrest and Execute Clarification (Posted by Baugrems on Year 19 Day 204)
Due to a bug that we are fixing, Hosnian system allows anyone to arrest on the planet surfaces when they should not be allowed to...

Sync Report Y19D200 (Posted by Clarr Solo on Year 19 Day 200)
There are some major changes here that are necessary for us to upgrade to PHP7.1 from PHP5.6, and quite a lot of things will be b...

(Posted by Baugrems on Year 19 Day 206 18:57)

It is time once again for ASIM applications! Three potential slots are open. 

Here are the rules:

  • Newly hired asims are not required to irrevocably drop their character. Instead, their characters are suspended for the duration of being an asim.
  • Asims have no IC activity related to their character while working for the administration.
  • Asims will have a defined period of service of six months after which a new group of asims will be hired. There is no limit on the number of terms if reselected.
  • Applications will be in January and July, with asims working from February through the end of July and then August through January of next year.
  • Compensation in the form of Combine Points will be provided for asims who remain active and effective throughout their service period.
  • Asims are required to use IRC and must be active in staff channels as that is how the majority of decisions are made.
  • Asims duties center around helping players affected by bugs, handling support tickets, and dealing with rules violations. There will be opportunities for asims to assist in designing RP opportunities for SWC at large, along with participating in discussion on game features before they are announced or implemented.

Remember that current asims are allowed to re-apply and may be re-selected.

Applications should be submitted via Darkness Message to Selatos, Arjuna, and Baugrems. Please answer the following questions in your application.

SWC-specific questions:

  • What is your Combine handle?
  • How long have you played SWC?
  • What have you done IC so far (including previous characters)? What are you working on currently, and what is your position with your faction?
  • Why do you want to become an asim?
  • Are you involved in any other online games or RPGs of a similar nature? If so please describe your position and responsibilities
  • Please provide three references of SWC members who are not on the administration team that have been in the game for at least two years.

Real-life questions:

  • Where do you live?
  • How old are you?
  • What is your occupation?
  • How much time would you like to volunteer per week on improving SWC?
  • Have you performed administrative duties in the past or organized groups/events?
  • Would you classify esports as a real sport?

Applications will be open until July 20th with new asims starting their term on August 1st.

Edit: One more week to get in those applications!  

(Edited by Baugrems on Year 19 Day 227)
(Posted by Baugrems on Year 19 Day 204 10:15)

Due to a bug that we are fixing, Hosnian system allows anyone to arrest on the planet surfaces when they should not be allowed to do so.


If your faction does not have explicit arrest authorization from the government controlling the system, do NOT arrest NPCs or PCs. It is a bug and if it keeps happening we will find you and we will find a fitting punishment.


All arrests of players will be undone if caused by this bug. If you feel this is the case, send a message to Baugrems. 


EDIT: Bug should be fixed now. If issues still arise, report them instead of abusing them. Or else.  

(Edited by Baugrems on Year 19 Day 205)
(Posted by Clarr Solo on Year 19 Day 200 23:10)

There are some major changes here that are necessary for us to upgrade to PHP7.1 from PHP5.6, and quite a lot of things will be broken. This change makes the code much stricter which can cause things that have previously worked to error out. Issues will hopefully be ironed out over the next 24h, will be aiming for a follow up sync tomorrow to fix these issues.

Rules: Minor faction creation clarifications
Rules: Clarification to Cybernetic Operations rules that any entity with a medical room may be used.
Rules: Corrected the skill needed for recycling

Bugs: Removal of google ads from the SWC header banner area
Bugs: Allow quickfilter to search over cargo container content type
Bugs: Allow escape key to cancel inlineedit
Bugs: Removal of iframes from GNS pages (#4956)
Bugs: Party screen now uses same look and feel as equipment screen
Bugs: Fixes for position screen sticky action selector
Bugs: Remove iframe from messages page, fixes issues with messages page on iphones (#4952)
Bugs: Missing text on atmosphere travel in cockpit
Bugs: Fix bug where submitted handle not shown in decline mail
Bugs: Fixing additional issue where recreate handle approval can be skipped (#4935)
Bugs: Fix a bug/exploit where handle approval could be skipped (#4935)
Bugs: Fix issue with cleanup bandits when bandit is unpositioned
Bugs: Issues with naval shipyard not showing production actions in inventory (#4949)
Bugs: MSD station constructions not being protected asset (#4951)
Bugs: Updated cockpit nav dropdowns to be activated on hover
Bugs: Cleanup script for invalid warrants (#4941)
Bugs: Fix crash on forum on dev when page loaded when not logged in
Bugs: Fix crash on creature rules page on dev server due to using bad variables
Bugs: Added script to fix crashing faction dissolution code (#4939)
Bugs: Fixing a bug where entities within partied entities would generate invalid top containers and crash the inventory (#4936)
Bugs: Markets finalisation crashing in some situations when highest bid is invalid (#4940)
Bugs: Fixing crash on prospecting page when loaded by entity/ship without prospecting sensors (#4934)
Bugs: count container passengers returning wrong datatype (#4933)
Bugs: Fix issue where aborting recycling would refund twice (#4873)
Bugs: Fix error when trying to dock when already docked and game is confused about what map to draw (#4928)
Bugs: fix damage attribution highlighting on combat reports (#4930)
Bugs: Removing duplicate code for pages with text filters (#4931)
Bugs: Fix for sticky not working on IOS
Bugs: Minor cockpit quality of life fixes (#4871)
Bugs: Scan export of characters/npc not working - PreloadUtil::arrested broken (#4926)

WS: Fixing WS TOTP (two factor auth for WS)
WS: ws image upload not working
WS: Add missing assigned DCs to Inventory/Entity resource
WS: Inventory/Entity remaining cargo capacity provides used capacity instead (#4945)
WS: Types/Entities route references nonexistent WeaponUtil (#4844)

Y19D201 Edit:

- GNS page should be working again
- Sim news should be working
- Messages CSS should be working

If you are having issues viewing the GNS or messages page, please try a hard refresh on your browser.

Y19D202 Edit:

- Post sync issue with character creation fixed. If you were having issues with character creation & re-creates, please try again.
- Issue with NPCs showing up green on cockpit scanners fixed.
- IE11 cockpit dropdown menu issue fixed (refresh your browsers if still broken in IE11)  

(Edited by Clarr Solo on Year 19 Day 202)
(Posted by Selatos on Year 19 Day 175 17:34)

Sorry for the short notice, but there will be some short downtime later this evening (in about half an hour) that is expected to last a couple of hours while we address some issues with the database server. 

(Posted by Mikel von Bianchi on Year 19 Day 167 10:40)

Features: New cockpit UI, resizes for mobile, single map for travel/scan, paginated scanner (#4871)

Rules: Updated Life & Death rules to clarify what happens to creatures when their owner dies.
Rules: Fix rules page table of contents breaking for droids, ships and vehicles index pages

LISP: put-item now returns the item if successful

Bugs: material inventory not filtering by location correctly when materials inside squadded entity (#4921)
Bugs: Typo fix (#4916)
Bugs: Limit checkboxes client side so when submitting equipment/party page with large amount of items selected, reduces chance of page doing nothing (#4913)
Bugs: Fixed bug where trophy was selling to NPC market for incorrect price (#4909, #4910)
Bugs: Remove set-open-to from droid inventory (#4908)
Bugs: Bug with city power update for PG under construction, should more reliabily power facils when PG finish construction
Bugs: Fixing bugs with repacking crates, maximum size for crates removed, crates can be merged by repacking them together, crates can be split from equipment screen, plus some other bugs with droids repacking (#4906)
Bugs: Make action selector on party and equipment screen visible always while scrolling (#4905)
Bugs: removed assigning pilot breaking up squads/squadrons, if you need to break up squad there is link in inventory that allows you to manage squads (#4903)
Bugs: Fix security checks on inventory crashing when using tag autoselect (#4904)
Bugs: When loading items into ship, incorrectly calculating passenger capacity causing error on dev server (#4900)
Bugs: Debugging for production queue rearrange issue (#4901)
Bugs: Make production and materialutil throw specific InsufficientCapacityException to avoid catching very large exceptions (#4902)
Bugs: overlaid main images assumed width was 100 causing overlaps
Bugs: Fix bug with ctool edit entity types field crashing
Bugs: Improved error message when trying to add a party member that is already in your party (#4892)
Bugs: Fix for squad/party size calculation when boarding entities (#4887)
Bugs: Fixed inventory exploit relating to invalid actions executing (#4890)
Bugs: Jetpack gave an improper error
Bugs: Removal of some more obsolete database tables (#4802)
Bugs: vision calculation does not check other characters items correctly for scanner sharing (#4885)
Bugs: fix calculation of wreck image urls (#4882)
Bugs: performance improvement, removing eager evaluation of cockpit and hangar images when loading entities (#4882)
Bugs: Inventory location missing when entity docked inside another entity you were assigned to as pilot/commander (#4880)
Bugs: Unloading ships bug, some ships would not be able to find target load locations (#4878)
Bugs: removing obsolete code to do with bacta patches and tanks (#4877)  

(Posted by Syn on Year 19 Day 139 11:42)

We're aware that there are currently some recaptcha issues preventing people from registering accounts for the Holocron. Selatos will try to resolve the problem later this week.  

(Posted by Baugrems on Year 19 Day 128 16:33)


It's that time of... decade?... again! New CP ships, vehicles, and droids have been released. Go see your local Starport, Landing Pad, Garage, Hangar... etc. to get your new shiny toy. Special shout out on the ships for Combine players who helped design them. Some awesome ideas out there and we got to input our own creations unique to SWCombine! A lot of cool ones out there for you guys. Stats are similar or better than some old CP ships even!

You might notice CP Vehicles have an error right now. Should be fixed within the next hour or so.



LINK TO SHIPS - Verpine and KR-4B had slight stat changes. Trooper transport renamed. Some room map changes. 

LINK TO VEHICLES  - Scanner icons fixed!


(Edited by Baugrems on Year 19 Day 136)

After a brief absense, Lightsaber crafting has returned. A quest has been released to take you through the steps. Not force sensitive? This Quest won't respond to you but you can always 'collect' by other means. Force sensitive? Don't read that last bit. Get your new weapons! You'll need supplies, weapons, and guts to finish this one.

The Force Forum FAQ will be updated later this week. Expect answers to questions like "What about current shards?" and "How long should this take?"


Start location and exact details won't be released until a good chunk of people have gone through it. Additional changes will come in the future. We may contact you during this first few run throughs to make sure all is going smoothly. Any questions or hint requests can be sent via DM to Mikel




Edit: Small issue was solved for one member and others might find a similar bug. If the Ancient Hilt does not respond to you please DM Baugrems the ID of your ancient hilt item.

Edit 2.0: Thanks to the initial test subjects for doing some runs through the quest so far. Due to feedback and observation we've made a few changes that'll likely increase difficulty in some areas. Those who went through before and helped us see a live run won't have to redo anything.  

(Edited by Baugrems on Year 19 Day 132)
(Posted by Mikel von Bianchi on Year 19 Day 125 13:23)

Combine updated to revision 9aae4464c8f3de1ef6d573ca03ecdfa256d7bdc3

-creature gender handling for future breeding ability
-Adding shield generator startup action timer to members menu
-Add parameter to SectorUtil::getAllSectors to only show sectors with visible systems
-ShieldUtil::providesShields now takes Entity instead of Facility
-Add an option to fill all roads from roads modification screen
-travelDirection in scanner XML will now return "Stationary" for non-moving entities
-travelDirDescription removed from scan XML, duplicate of travelDirection
-full mines should pause instead of stop mining
-bulk item movement should handle >100 selected items faster now
-added city last updated stamp to ctool
-shuffled bandit array so they don't appear grouped by race anymore
-updated Vision rules to clarify you can share sensors with droids when you have a sensor pack equipped
-moving NPC shop item indicators into a property
-added faction type to status tool
-added admin tool to revert a government
-asteroid hideouts no longer prevent spawns
-added HQ planet to faction opening GNS flash event
-Added parameter to account settings page to force online time update every pageload

-Change how dragging works on production interface, should fix issue where start button is unavailable on mobile devices (#4872)
-entities could be recycled when characters were in bacta tanks inside the target
-remove MasterTemplate::NewSetup (#4867)
-remove mastertemplate handleError and override var (#4867)
-Added look and feel option to disable top left clock ticking (#4866)
-Change how browser notification permissions are handled, browser notifications will simply prompt the user via browser instead of posting a flash message (#4850)
-fixed JS in admin room map tool preventing room movement
-page crashed when trying to use jetpack with non-character/NPC in your party
-Jetpacks and Force Speed used different distance calculations
-Production was unable to combine droids/items and ships/vehicles (4669)
-Protection would create an invalid ID link to the asset being protected (unreported)
-protected NPCs could be fired
-can't see cross terrain abort button when crossing in some vehicles
-duplicate handles in DM send box could send the same message multiple times (#4849)
-kickPassenger would error when trying to kick a character
-creatures will now give a less insane event when attacking from out of range
-combat event incorrectly implied you hit an already-dead target, will now say targeted instead of hit
-moving pause events over into the full interrupt
-Custom Images use EntityType for owner instead of OwnerType
-Force probability not recalculated when given enough XP to skip a recalc level (4820)
-Inventory powered filter wonky when facils unpowered before jobsdaily ran, no longer (#4831)
-Fixed minor bug with spacing of logout button with long handles, added option to force less compilation server wide, removed unused old globalstyle css file
-Fix FI code not calculating power correctly for facilities that do not need power (#4828)
-crash when hiring npcs for faction while freelance (#4841)
-Add an extra confirm field needed for dropping characters (#4836)
-Fix xss on faction accept page
-Revert government not working correctly (#4835)
-Fix a minor dev related bug where finishing an action early would append time for the next run instead of resetting it (#4744)
-Repair UI minor fix
-Repair ticks sometimes crash if no materials are used (#4744)
-Crash in character creation can cause future attempts at creation to fail with sql integrity issues (#4843)
-removed ability to force heal IFF-enemies
-Medical items will now trigger the "Use An Item" Achievement
-ships would not appear in list of repairable entities if repairing entity has a combined hangar and docking bay

-added get-passenger-count to check current # of passengers
-added ability to get surface location and terrain type name
-added optional slot to put-item
-added get-hp-max (all), get-force-points and get-force-points-max (admin)
-made holding-item? available to all, added entity var and RM admin functions



Creatures currently have a gender listed on the Inventory but until we sync again these genders are not final. We will be adding the ability to select the gender of your current creatures, while creatures that are hatched after the next sync will be assigned a gender randomly, as the Creator intended.  

(Edited by Mikel von Bianchi on Year 19 Day 126)
(Posted by Mikel von Bianchi on Year 19 Day 125 10:49)

Greetings, Combiners! A happy start to Q2 of the year and a happy Easter to those of you who celebrate it.

We the administration team wanted to reach out today to announce some exciting new features for the Combine, and somewhat of a change of direction in the development of the game to capture recent trends in online videogaming.

First, thanks to the hard work of Baugrems and Kay Dallben, we have released Season 1 of our new "loot crate" system. Many players have bemoaned the large number of credits in the game, as well as the difficulty of acquiring rare items that were given out over a decade ago to a select, lucky few players. This system is designed to tackle both of these issues at once, by providing the opportunity to acquire these rare or unique items for a small credit fee.

Located anywhere an NPC for the previous "Science Feud" event could be found (civic centers and starports) as well as many space stations, a new quest NPC now allows players to pay a small fee and be guaranteed to win from a selection of loot - from common items all the way up to rare Mandalorian armor! The intent is to provide players with a sense of pride and accomplishment for unlocking different items. As for cost: among other things, we’re looking at average per-player credit earn rates on a daily basis, and our team will continue to make changes and monitor community feedback and update everyone as soon and as often as we can. This feature is live today.

Second, and more expansive, is our intent to capture the mood of the current climate of popular online games. Star Wars Combine will soon become SWCombine: Royale, a battle royale-style simulation game that blends the best aspects of popular games such as PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS and Fortnite as well as the proven aspects of the Combine into a compelling, adventurous online battle royale game set in the Star Wars universe.

Aspects of the Combine, such as the time delays, lack of player-vs-player combat, and construction permissions will be blended with successful aspects of this genre of games, such as team battles, a robust loot system, and on-the-fly obstacle building to combine into a truly one-of-a-kind experience. We look forward to these changes being made within the next week.

As always, thank you for playing SWCombine!  

(Posted by Baugrems on Year 19 Day 66 0:51)

New set of people to vote for this week. Go forth and bring death... or something.


Grudge Sign up appears bugged... working that out but feel free to try!  

(Edited by Baugrems on Year 19 Day 108)
(Posted by Mikel von Bianchi on Year 19 Day 77 17:30)

Some changes this sync to hopefully run FI successfully, if not we'll keep working on it. Special thanks to Clarr, Ted, Selatos and everyone out there who reports bugs instead of exploiting them.

- Define permission inheritance for permissions that rely on a lower permission to function properly
- Add missing tokeninfo route
- Granting of permissions will now properly reflect current, previously granted and no longer granted permissions
- Remove *_all permissions
- Can find whether hidden planets remain or not via galaxy/planet resource without learning any details about the hidden planet
- Can find hidden entities presence and name via types/entity/class resource

- Changed wording on escape pod page from enabled/disabled to available/unavailable to avoid confusion
- added list of non-recyclable entities to recycling page with explanation
- Drugs can now be made in Medical Factory Stations

- fixed error in access caused by missing rules category
- fixed a random check being slightly too inclusive
- Fixing a bug where travel counter could cause a post request to be executed again e.g. causing repeat uses of items or similar (#4574)
- added more checking around destroying Force characters
- added Planet link to a bunch of tax events that were missing it
- characters/NPCs arrested by a faction will be released when the faction dissolves (3434)
- can load materials into wrecked entities (4704)
- removed old code from Equipment page (4709)
- kicked party ships in hyper didn't check for suns (4723)
- removed ability to modify ship party while in hyperspace (4363)
- rounding error with how capacity was shown on the show stats page (4735)
- hiring NPCs and recycling now properly send taxes to planet owner
- Added ability to claim custom images which you had submitted but the owner faction had dissolved
- custom images with deleted owners should provide a more graceful error (4750)
- dropping character before selecting starting location would crash (4760)
- Medical Factory Stations didn't have a View Datacard link in the inventory
- updating how HP gets recalculated for lost souls upon creation
- ugly error when attempting to launch escape pods while in hyperspace (4779)
- City construction incorrectly catching exceptions and posting them as events (#4792)
- Making inventory faster, maybe this might cause duplicate entries to show up, if this happens please bugbase the situation
- Readded sort by location to inventory (#4791)
- Lack of consistency between WS client registration and edit image uploads
- Undefined array index in WS client edit image upload
- limit purge inactive players daily job to deleting 50 players a day (#4788)
- error handler sometimes misses out of memory errors because it runs out of memory itself; added some reserve memory for it to use just in case (#4788)
- fixing more bugs with inventory filters and squads (#4787)
- galaxy map search not working for some inputs, removed advanced system search (#4743)
- Disallow factions and character from sharing the same name (#4780)
- Add more information to jobs runner to help diagnose misbehaving jobs (#4772)
- More FI fixes, fi taxes aborting if associated fi run is too old (#4777), asim fi runner not rolling back if timeout (#4774), main fincome query internally partitioned by system to avoid large sort times (#4775), modified mysql lock timeouts for web requests (#4771)
- Squad inventory IFF crash when you had no permissions over many of the squad members (#4758)
- Fix hull, ionic, shield inventory filters (#4761)


EDIT: NPC Populations have been reset for hiring. Have fun.

Hotfix Y19 D80:

* FI: Shard preloading by planet too, since it now seems to be timing out on main (#4713)
* Tweaks: Added text to hyperspace finish event to indicate asteroid field
* Tweaks: Shield overlay no longer displayed on prospecting map
* Bugs: Inventory menu performance improvements (#4815)
* Bugs: Fix mining action test to use static random generator
* Bugs: Added two properties to control fix for tick clearing cache (#4819)
* Bugs: Handle action crash better when subsequent action uses same entities (#4819)
* Bugs: Fix typo in levelup event causing crash (#4818)
* Bugs: Fix issue where disband squad of NPCs while in hyperspace could eject NPCs into the cold harsh nothingness (#4812)
* Bugs: Fixing RM inventory filter by container, fixing city tree view by name,empty (#4807)
* Bugs: priv crash on fincome history page (#4806)
* Bugs: fixing admin menu, fixing calls to old method of assistant checking
* Bugs: fixing error on deleted custom image owner
* Bugs: Custom Item images unintentionally appear in Customs List.
* Bugs: Custom Item submissions may crash if large is missing.


Edit: Facility Income ran! Did it twice to make up for missed times. So enjoy your double scoop and but don't expect it again!  

(Edited by Baugrems on Year 19 Day 81)