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[Name Change] Bik Ting-Ting was too much Bling-Bling (Posted by Evan on Year 20 Day 251)
Bik Ting-Ting is now known as Bik N`tal. Let me know if you have any questions; complaints go to Baugrems. <3.

Think of the Children! (Posted by Evan on Year 20 Day 244)
 1Year 20 Day 244, 19:56Evan banned player Elijah Draygor providing the following reason: Multi Ban 2Year 20 Day 244, 19:56Eva...

Alderaan suffered less losses... (Posted by Evan on Year 20 Day 201)
 1Year 20 Day 201, 18:44Evan banned player Sofia Meadow providing the following reason: Multi Ban 2Year 20 Day 201, 18:44Evan...

Community News

MOAR MATCHES (Posted by Noctis on Year 20 Day 158)
Go vote! Or else! Submit more matches too! Seriously, 1 is sad. Death Match GRUDGE MATCHES!  

Spying rules violation - Scripts and OOC info (Posted by Baugrems on Year 20 Day 245)
1 Year 20 Day 245, 16:02 Baugrems banned player Kyota Navic providing the following reason: Spying 6 month ban for using and encou...

Stepping down as art team director (Posted by Ulrike Rayne Schultheiss on Year 20 Day 201)
Hi everyone, As of today, I've decided to step down as art team director. For the time being, Jic will be acting as the art team d...

Technical News

Known Issues (Posted by Syn on Year 20 Day 263)
There are currently a number of known bugs that forum users are likely to encounter. This includes the inability to mark forums rea...

Sync Report Y20D258 (Posted by Clarr Solo on Year 20 Day 258)
PHP: - We upgraded from php 7.1 to 7.3, this wasn't planned in advance, so YOLO. Javascript: - We were running on a very old versi...

Ongoing SWC Issue (Posted by Clarr Solo on Year 20 Day 258)
There is an ongoing issue with the server that is causing a issues when rendering pages. This issue causes pages to fail to load wi...

(Posted by Noctis on Year 20 Day 158 23:01)

Go vote! Or else! Submit more matches too! Seriously, 1 is sad.

Death Match



(Edited by Baugrems on Year 20 Day 269)
(Posted by Syn on Year 20 Day 263 22:42)

There are currently a number of known bugs that forum users are likely to encounter. This includes the inability to mark forums read, and an issue where users banned from individual forums may find themselves banned from the entire board. These are in the process of being fixed.

A variety of other bugs have sprung up in SWC since the last sync as well. Should you encounter an issue, please check the Bug Base for a status update, or report it there if it has not already been reported. The #swc-help channel on SWC's unofficial discord server also has some pinned messages detailing known issues, and users there or in the Question Centre forums may be able to advise you further.


Y20D265 Edit: Timers for installing/uninstalling doors have been disabled due to an issue from the last sync. This results in the timer counting down but never finishing. We'll let you know when you may resume fortifying your assets. :)

(Edited by Evan on Year 20 Day 265)
(Posted by Clarr Solo on Year 20 Day 258 17:07)

- We upgraded from php 7.1 to 7.3, this wasn't planned in advance, so YOLO.

- We were running on a very old version of some javascript libraries (jquery/jquery-ui), we have updated these through many major versions (from 2011 to 2019) and some javascript code will stop working. Please report any weird javascript UI issues.
- The following lines are some pages that used backwards incompatible jquery code and had to be updated:
- Fix crash on character templates rules page when viewing some templates (jquery update)
- Fix jquery error on CP exchange page
- Fix checkbox toggle selection

- The Forum code has been cleaned up and updated, this won't be visible for most people but some admin screens have been redone. Some code may be broken hopefully it's not critical to memeing.
- Some updates to fix some forum code exploits.
- Remove forum password checking code (it didn't work)

- Some large backend changes to how messages between players are stored.

- Fix production screen error (attempt number 2)
- Fix issue where vehicles were not showing up on room summary when in a hangar
- Workaround issue with NPC Transport not working well while certain actions (crafting, force training) are active
- Fix undersized under construction images on scanner
- Fix issue where wrecks would show up as loading locations
- Fix issue where building has blank name causing confusing events
- Fix inventory confirm box having multiple entries when cancelled
- Fix issue with Facility Construction when target facility is destroyed, leaving orphaned action
- Fix issue with Hook Timers
- Remove transaction around hook invocation code (causes bad hooks to crash instead of silently ignoring them)
- Fix issue where multiple faction creation member invitations can be sent to the same person
- Fix crash on shield generator page when inside something that does not have shield generators
- Prevent tractoring things under construction
- Fix an exploit with the error handler
- Fix issue where non-logged in players would not see some input validation errors (making character creation and account signup very confusing)
- Fix an issue where certain errors occurring as part of the tick were not showing up in the error handler
- Character skill sheet, NPC skill sheet, and skill distribute page has been redone to work better on mobile (column view only when wide enough)
- Fix issue where lightsaber parts would not show up in correct category after dropping in rooms
- Fix issue where the None field for inventory filter deposits does not work
- Fix issue with squad patrol routes when you leave a field blank
- Fix issue where unbuildable square in roads corner causes facility construction failure
- Fix issue where space bandit spawns would always be the same ship types
- Avoid crashing if unknown event type exists in database
- Avoid crashing in the failed action tool encountering an unknown action
- Arrested NPCs are not being removed from working status correctly
- Fix crash when ordering squad to follow while they have another active command
- Fix issue where build permission without valid orientation would crash construction page
- Make build permissions submission crash if supplied with invalid data
- Fix wrecks blocking station construction

Web Services:
- Regex issue preventing /Inventory/ WS resource from loading (#5318)

(Posted by Clarr Solo on Year 20 Day 258 0:38)

There is an ongoing issue with the server that is causing a issues when rendering pages. This issue causes pages to fail to load with a white screen, or red Ajax errors being printed. Temporary workaround until the issue is fixed is to retry until successful. No ETA for a fix yet.

Also action timers will take an hour or two to catch up.

(Edited by Clarr Solo on Year 20 Day 258)
(Posted by Baugrems on Year 20 Day 245 16:11)

1 Year 20 Day 245, 16:02 Baugrems banned player Kyota Navic providing the following reason: Spying

6 month ban for using and encouraging others to use a script to pull discord channel logs and info. This resulted in massive sharing of ooc info and is not an acceptable way to use communication mediums. It is NOT and never has been approved by the swc administration. If you feel pressured to use a program to spy, don’t do it.

(Posted by Clarr Solo on Year 20 Day 215 20:19)

Known issue with this sync:
- Some NPCs and droids assigned to work in stations, facilities (for example mining) may show up outside and ontop of the thing they are working at. This is an existing issue (it used to affect repair only, now it may affect more things). It is a long running issue with how the "working" status is stored and will be fixed slowly over the next few syncs. It should not affect gameplay (your NPCs/Droids should still be inside the facility, it is simply a visual issue that they are showing up outside).
- Error message when adding production queue item: there is a workaround, make sure you select a image (click on a small image and a large image, even if its the defaults) using the "change image" button before adding a queue item. Will be hotfixed soon. Hotfixed.


Changes to Repairing:
- Repair no longer generates events for RM usage or credits sending (previously would generate many spamming events hourly).
- Credits sent will still show up under the transaction sheets, but will not generate an event or make notifiers flash.
- Some equations have changed, in general repair is overall quicker, the repair cycle occurs is less often, uses less RM, cost less credits.

- Fix issue with travel planner not considering ground travel duration when calculating cross terrain travel.
- Fix issue with travel planner being able to be used without pilot set (now same requirements as other forms of travel)
- Fix issue with travel planner where city you are currently in does not show up
- Fix custom image deny reason not showing properly.
- Fix issue when ground attack page crash when attacking enemy party that has moved
- Fix issue where character corpses could be claimed.
- Add check/warning that you are set as pilot to the cockpit tractor beam page
- Fix issue with GuardAction not being cancelled when capturing droid (If you have a droid acting weird and trying to attack things, repackage it into a crate or open a support ticket) [Issue occured when bandit squad with droid as leader was captured]
- The issue that caused duplication of wrecks during the event has had multiple fixes added.
- Fix issue with force student/master invitations not working.
- Fix issue with faction creation invitations.
- Added icon for disabled entities on the cockpit scanner.
- Cockpit docked ships/vehicles page, and cockpit materials page now segments load locations similar to the boarding page, loading targets are sorted by capacity.
- Cockpit scanner filter now stays applied when loading more entities, entities are sorted by in cockpit scanner.
- Fix issue with recycling crashing when returning materials when using a wrecker ship docked inside a station
- Fix issue with space combat XP when pilot of ships are unassigned or assigned to different character
- Add combat events for ship pilot and commander.
- Fix issue when pilot is reassigned during prospecting.
- Add event for ship capture failure.
- Fix issue with deleted entities causing crashes (crash caused by attacking something and own ship destroyed in return fire)
- Fixed a bug to do with Blue IFF status (wrecks) not showing up correctly in cockpit/room scanners.
- Fixing production applied custom images (does not affect things already queued)

Web Services API:
- Cargo Crate Product Type exposed as part of InventoryEntity route.
- Newly generated links to entities containing a “/“ in their name will now work (any old links will remain broken)
- Add developer-only priv to send_credits resource to allow bypassing credit limits on only the developer’s own account

(Edited by Clarr Solo on Year 20 Day 217)
(Posted by Ulrike Rayne Schultheiss on Year 20 Day 201 15:19)

Hi everyone,

As of today, I've decided to step down as art team director. For the time being, Jic will be acting as the art team director.


(Posted by Baugrems on Year 20 Day 201 13:49)

Now that the Zookeepers have won the Zoo Feud Quest, the design contest is open! Anyone can participate. Even if you did not participate in the quest, you can submit a design.

You can submit up to 2 designs per person. Winner will be decided by members of the Zookeeper team.

See this link for full rules and to post your submissions: http://www.swcombine.com/forum/thread.php?thread=77251&page=0

(Posted by Baugrems on Year 20 Day 200 21:59)

The long journey has come to an end. The Zookeepers have come out on top! This means that soon we will open a community design competition for a new Security/Military droid to be added to the game. Rules and links for that will be posted in a separate news soon.

Want to leave feedback or give suggestions for future quests? Want to see some code examples on how to build these?

Feedback/Code Thread is open: http://www.swcombine.com/forum/thread.php?thread=77247&page=0


(Posted by Baugrems on Year 20 Day 190 23:05)

Phase 3 is here!

In this news post from before, you saw that we would be doing a bit of space combat for phase 3 of the Zoo Feud. The day has arrived so get ready to rumble! A few pieces of important news and some rules should be read ahead of time though!


Dissolved teams may join one of the other two teams for phase 3

Sport hunters unfortunately did not find enough support to gain any victories. They have been dissolved.

Tech Lovers did their best to come out over the other teams, but fell short of reaching the final round. They have been dissolved.

DNA Bashers held a solid second place despite being outnumbers by Tech Lovers. They are in the final round.

Zookeeper Alliance dominated the field, so far. Can they be defeated by DNA in this final round?


  • Commander Bob at the entrance of Zoo Stations is your only contact for phase 3.
  • Spawning your ships adds 10 points.
  • All ships for both teams will be Hostile owned, pay attention to the name of the ship.
  • Shoot down ships with the OTHER team's name.
  • Destroying an enemy ship adds 1 point
  • Destroying your own ships will give 1 point each to the enemy team.
  • No datapads or admins will give score updates. The score will remain unknown.
  • The phase will end on Y20 Day 201.
  • Renaming your ship to try to fool others into arrest is against the rules for this event.
  • The administration can add to these rules or punish for the golden rule as well. Don't try to cheat the system.


In Space Combat it is possible to disable/become disabled. A disabled ship can be boarded. While this is usually not an issue for your own ship, the hostile ships can be captured. This means if you board one and someone else captures it, you might be captured/killed. Be aware that capturing is NOT required or recommended for Phase 3, but is allowed.

Sometimes, a hostile ship will spawn on a sun. Do not fly into the sun to chase it. Shoot it from afar. You will die if you fly into a sun.


edit: Slicing became an issue so it was temporarily disabled. It’ll be back at the end of the event. 

edit2: Bandit capture is back! But it now earns 2 points. Capturing your own ships gives 2 points to the enemy.

edit3: Player spawned ships are now turned off, but a new enemy has appeared! These powerful ships at 0,0 in each of the event systems are worth 200 points to whatever team gets the final blow. Plus the individual who kills it gets a generic (not modded) version.

(Edited by Baugrems on Year 20 Day 198)
(Posted by Clarr Solo on Year 20 Day 194 16:39)

Travel Planner:

- There is a new method for automating ship/vehicle travel: Travel Planner.
- Travel planner is available from the Travel dropdown in the cockpit.

Travel restrictions:
- Entities that are over weight/volume capacity now cannot start travel.
- Entities that are "disabled" cannot start travel. A timer for the disabled status shows in the cockpit view in left panel.

Line of Sight Changes:
- The calculations for line of sight have changed.
- This fixes some edge cases and in general will mean more squares are seen by sensors when there is something blocking.
- In particular, some bugs relating to facilities with sensors have been fixed, some bugs relating to stacking sensors have been fixed.

- Added the ability to select force training length
- Adding view container button to equipment screen under fitout when a container is selected
- Allow loading into cargo-containers on equipment screen by clicking-to-load the same way you would load other loadable items

- Fix crash when renaming infantry squads.
- Fix issue where could not party with ships when in docking bay (vice versa hangar bay vehicles)
- Fix issues with squad page not showing when Kick From Squad button is pressed
- Fix ordering of squadded entities on some pages (e.g. boarding page)
- Fix issue with auto room movement and locked doors
- Fix issue with auto room movement when initiated from boarding screen
- Fix tooltip not hiding after auto room movement
- Fix missing ID on datacard view (#5290)
- Fix map overlapping with info panel on galaxy map rules pages when on mobiles (#5291)
- Fix crash when descend travel form coordinates are left empty
- Fix issue when descending when not above planet
- Incorrect display of volume cap on equipment info box
- When repackaging items that includes a cargo-container, use the first cargo container provided instead of always creating a new cargo container (previously would delete all provided items and create a new cargo container)
- Can no longer sell NPC Market-owned items to the NPC Shop
- Dissolving factions now handle creatures properly (previously creatures would be left with a corrupt owner)
- Remote material access for facilities within same city
- Remove holomail link from menus (RIP)
- Update name of Question Centre link in menu
- Allow credit bulk sending from budgets, budget name will now appear on faction send events
- Fix issue when on splash screen pressing join button with inputs filled causing login error (instead of redirect to join page)
- Cockpit scanner list now loads "more entities" inline rather than reloading the page.
- You can now see fire delay status on cockpit scanners.
- Cockpit Weapons screen now ordered by range
- Fix issue where bacta tank could be used to heal creatures (this was not intended)
- Bacta tanks now show a timer when in use on the equipment screen.

- Update rules page to clarify there are only 9 possible skill points available from NPC levelling

- Fix issue in get-contained-items: byTypes paramter was ignored, setting recursive to true by default
- take-contained-item setting recursive to true by default


Hyperspace Travel Time Bug:

- There was a bug introduced that increased the length of hyperspace travel for some ships that were in hyperspace. If this increased your travel time greatly (> 1 day) please create a support ticket on support.swcombine.com with your handle, and your shipID, and your ship event showing the hyperspace jump (cockpit -> ship events).

(Edited by Clarr Solo on Year 20 Day 194)
(Posted by Baugrems on Year 20 Day 138 16:30)

In the interest of helping people prepare for the next phases, I am releasing the action plan with a few redactions. Here you go!

Phase One:

Tags Returned:DNA BashersSport HuntersTech LoversZoo Keepers

Individual tag turn-ins beyond 100 may yield additional rewards but will not be announced ahead of time.

2000 tags will need to be collected to end phase one. If it ends up taking too long it will become a running total rather than a team total. We will see where we are in 2 weeks time.

Phase Two:

Terminal Hack Mini-Game

Participation in phase two will result in a Firespray (Gunboat) being spawned for your use in phase 3 if needed. Keep it nearby.

  • 100 xp per point scored
  • 1000 xp per match won
  • 15 max points, 3 max wins per character

Winning team for phase two will get an additional reward that is not being announced ahead of time.

At the end of phase 2, the two losing* teams will be eliminated. Members will be prompted to choose one of the two remaining teams instead.

* Losing teams meaning lowest placement within phase one and lowest within phase two. If the same team places last both times, the next lowest score will be eliminated.

Phase Three:

Space Combat

In this phase you will be fighting hostile ships owned by the other teams. Shoot them down to stop them from claiming victory!

Individual rewards will not be rewarded this phase. Winning team wins the Feud and will get a team reward at the end. Losing team will get a consolation prize.

The winning team will have the entity-type of their choice added to a community design competition.:

  • DNA: Medium Creature with good attack
  • Sport Hunters: Large Creature with High HP
  • Tech Lovers: New Projectile Weapon
  • Zoo Keeper: New Military/Security Droid

Edit: Phase 3 will be at the Zoo Stations mentioned for phase 2. See GNS about the event for locations. Also, phase 1 is ending soon so turn in your tags ASAP. Top turn-in for each team gets the first iterations of a new creature.

Edit 2: A one week break will be given between phase 1 and the start of phase 2. Phase 1 is coming to a close either at 2000 tags or a week from today at the latest. (Day 174 at 20:00 Combine Time)

Edit 3: Phase 2 has begun! It will last 2 week! Get to a zoo station to get started. Pelgrin, Derra, Nimban, Serroco, and Gravlex Med have one.

(Edited by Baugrems on Year 20 Day 177)