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Player Administration

Illegal use of multi system. (Posted by Noctis on Year 20 Day 84)
 1Year 20 Day 84, 19:31Noctis banned player Bobby Boudreaux providing the following reason: Multi Ban - Accounts coming under c...

Tubthumping (Posted by Noctis on Year 20 Day 83)
 1Year 20 Day 83, 12:33Noctis banned player Mykil Gahrl providing the following reason: Multi Ban - failing to register as mult...

Baugrems is my motivation. (Posted by Noctis on Year 20 Day 52)
 1Year 20 Day 52, 23:04Noctis banned player Imaji Kajik providing the following reason: Multi Ban  Attempting to get around t...

Community News

Descriptions Team Hiring (Posted by Tomas O`Cuinn on Year 19 Day 346)
The Descriptions Team is looking for capable writers to produce new content and provide editing services to submissions from player...

Art Team Director change (Posted by Ulrike Rayne Schultheiss on Year 19 Day 329)
As of today, I've taken over as Art Team Director. I'd like to give a big thank you to Jevon for his years of service. All current...

Deathmatch - New Round! (Posted by Baugrems on Year 19 Day 66)
Deathmatch has moved to the next round! CLICK ME TO GO VOTE Grudge Sign up bug is fixed. Sign up for next round. No new ...

Technical News

Sync Report Y20D67 (Posted by Clarr Solo on Year 20 Day 67)
Tweaks: - Recycling UI queueing entities is now faster - Add unclaim option to item inventory - Add skill component to hyperspace a...

Ion weapon bug (Posted by Ulrike Rayne Schultheiss on Year 20 Day 63)
We recently discovered a bug with XP earned by ion weapons. When you attack enemies that cannot be damaged by ion weapons (i.e. NPC...

Sync Report Y20D34 (Posted by Clarr Solo on Year 20 Day 34)
Happy New Year! Tweaks: - Added count of total bids to galactic market auctions - Facility construction screen will preload nearby...

(Posted by Clarr Solo on Year 20 Day 67 17:31)

- Recycling UI queueing entities is now faster
- Add unclaim option to item inventory
- Add skill component to hyperspace abort cooldown timer
- Player custom image list groups small and large images together
- Update death asset succession rules, these may be tweaked in the future

Look and feel:
- Add absolute ETA shown on sidemenu timers tooltip
- Add facility, station, city construction link to position view screen where applicable

- Update Marketplace Rules Page to make the language a little clearer.
- Update Facility Income Rules Page to make the warning message more visible.
- Update Life & Death asset rules page
- The bugs page now lists supported browsers.
- System designer, based heavily on city designer

- Fix issue where facility construction was recorded as "Other" in transaction log
- Improve ordering of entities on some screens: where possible squads should be grouped in order with the squad leader first e.g. on scanners
- Two fixes to make paying off large amounts of facility income debt via inventory better: selecting all above max limit will allow you to select first set of entities, paying off debt generates a single event instead of one event per facility
- Blank page after squadron force leave (#5202)
- Fix more scanner link when controlling garrison squad (#5203)
- Fix export scanner from garrison squad (#5199)
- Update CCC Shield Gen linking rules, now CCC only needs to be assigned to the person doing the linking (#5183)
- City show stats screen not showing aborting facilities correctly (#5192)
- Fix behaviour of attack button from passenger manifest (#5194)
- Install Lock page can get into a redirect loop (#5196)
- Position screen XSS (#5193)
- Make unassign inventory events when using select all tag feature crash less (#4830)
- Fix issue using station construction using materials from diagonal location (#5188)
- Add loading spinners to scan and hail buttons in cockpit, finish-action links
- Update Creature Inventory to show Experience Level similar to how NPC Inventory does.
- Fix an issue where IFF list would crash if bad entry present
- Fix issue with corrupt facility type on build permissions able to be submitted
- Add another situation where build permissions can be automatically accepted: when you have permission to construct facilities from your faction and the facilities are going to be faction owned (issuing build permissions by plan allows faster construction by preloading details)
- Construction crash when accepted build permission contains restricted facility, error earlier if facility is out of bounds
- Fix issue with mine being full charging NPC costs for 0 yield
- Fix issue when toggling asteroid overlay when using inverse fog sensors
- Fix wrecked HQs being treated as a valid HQ
- Added an inventory filter for entities without tags assigned
- Fix up spam messages from cockpit tractor beam page, improve tractor beam load page speed for certain situations
- Add link to production in side menu when in an entity that can perform production (previously link only shown in cockpit and not under the side menu "production" heading)
- Unable to access market from NPC Owned market facilities
- Consolidate some material usage events into a single event (including production material usage events)
- Using items inside hangar/docking bay will show all passengers as targets for the action rather than those in the current room (#5205)
- Asteroid (entity) scanner icon missing on map (#5135)
- Hitting NPCs with ionic weapons give XP, hitting disabled droids with ionic weapons gives XP (#5191)

- Add NPC skills to Inventory/Entity response
- Add slot size and armour to Types/Ship response (#5164)
- Inventory/Entity crashes on deleted/nonexistent entities
- Added admin event upon new WS client registrations
- WS Admin crashes on dev


Known issues:

- There are some minor issues that currently cause the FI tools to not work and todays FI to be delayed.

(Edited by Clarr Solo on Year 20 Day 67)
(Posted by Ulrike Rayne Schultheiss on Year 20 Day 63 16:35)

We recently discovered a bug with XP earned by ion weapons. When you attack enemies that cannot be damaged by ion weapons (i.e. NPCs or disabled droids), you gain XP, which is unintended. We'd like to request everyone avoid using ion weapons in situations where their only targets will be enemies that cannot be damaged by ion weapons until we get a fix in place.

(Edited by Ulrike Rayne Schultheiss on Year 20 Day 63)
(Posted by Clarr Solo on Year 20 Day 34 22:09)

Happy New Year!

- Added count of total bids to galactic market auctions
- Facility construction screen will preload nearby data from accepted build permissions
- Submitting your own build permissions plans now will auto accept if you have necessary privileges
- Improved city show status page (can see under construction ETA and can pause and resume construction from city stats screen if you have necessary privileges)
- City maps now draw under construction buildings with a transparent construction overlay
- FI Transaction tool maybe works better when ouputting to CSV for large factions Does not work better
- Added split crates multiplier on equipment crate split screen
- Added split piles multiplier on material loading screen

- The two panes for the material loading screen and ship/vehicle loading screens now displays vertically on narrow screens.
- City show stats screen can now display vertically on narrow screens.

- Fix issue with item inventory crashing when viewing filtered summary and filtering by cargo container type
- Fix issue with city designer offset when resizing the browser window
- Made it more clear when repair failed because your entities were in a party
- Fix a rare crash in MovementUtil::getTravelETA causing sidemenu to crash, update sidemenu to show travel actions like other actions
- Make travel screen input boxes update when single clicking on map
- Fix an issue with admin login when accessing unverified accounts
- moveElementToCursor javascript updated from using clientX/Y to pageX/Y (Maybe fix samsung browser map click issue)
- Fix issue where NPC cannot command board in some situations / Issue with lazy loaded fields with null value incorrect isset return code (#5162)
- Fixing some security issues with community pages/login/ban screens, non logged in users will no longer be shown internal error details.
- Improve inventory jump error handling when entity is not found
- Fix forum links not showing up underlined
- Fix being able to target medical items on full HP targets
- Some fixes for custom images and items tools

- Allow XP to be given to all Entities

- Update HP rules to use correct terminology and add calculation example

Edit fixed Y20D36:
- Issue with facility construction crashing with invalid build permissions
- Issue with FI Transactions not forcing CSV file download (note: previous fix was ineffective for large factions)
- Fix issue with scanners crashing when characters present
- Rules page added for bandit capture

(Edited by Clarr Solo on Year 20 Day 36)
(Posted by Kyle Rainer on Year 20 Day 35 7:51)

Along with the sync last night we get to release a new creature for you all. Thanks a lot to the art team for their work on the images they are amazing. Some people might be wondering what the hell that it...well we also call them crystal foxes. Enjoy and happy hunting.


(Edited by Kyle Rainer on Year 20 Day 35)
(Posted by Kyle Rainer on Year 20 Day 3 19:42)

Hopefully everyone is enjoying the year 20 celebration so far. There is more to come so keep an eye out on the sim news, you never know what might pop up or when. The introduction of the races seem to be generally well recieved, other than the usual complaining that is a prequisite to any change that occurs. As your person to implement them I am very glad of that, and wanted to thank Syn and Arjuna especially for their assistance in reviewing the stats and making sure I didn't screw up anything while making the races. 

Porgs also seem to be a hit as far as I've heard, and with them introduced a new feature we can take advantage of CP Creatures. Which when the idea was tossed around we all loved it so hopefully everyone else does as well, and never know we might introduce more CP Creatures as time goes on. 

I kind of kicked off the ideas for the Year 20 Celebrations so this is a fitting time for me to announce my retirement as an admin in swc and am retaking my character. The introduce of the new races and the making of porgs, purrgills and future things to come were my last offical acts as an admin in swc. Given my history it might be permanent or I might drop my character again one day to take on admin role again but for now feel I can contribute more in an advisory role than an actual admin.

Since this will likely be my last sim news post I do. I would like to thank everyone in swc for building a community that has lasted 20 years. Some of you I have worked more closely with than others but everyone contributes to make this game interesting. For that you have my thanks.

Also like to say given the recent massive earthquake in Alaska hopefully all of our players there are safe and sound, or as good as you could be given the circumstances. 

(Edited by Kyle Rainer on Year 20 Day 3)
(Posted by Baugrems on Year 19 Day 365 15:09)

Double Login CP:

For the next month or two enjoy double the reward for logging in! Happy 20th!


Unarmed Brawlers:

You may now use unarmed brawlers for an in-depth, stat based fight. A rules page will be made for these soon, but in the meantime here is a link to the details.


Space Bandit Capturing:

Disabled bandit ships can now be captured with the use of an Electronic Lockbreaker. The chance is based on your crafting/slicing skills. You get one try per character, per ship. It also will eat your ELB.

This can be dangerous! Anyone can board a disabled ship. You've been warned.

Electronic Lockbreaker


Purrgil Quest:

Some of you are wondering about the new space whales, and wish you could get one. Well... a quest will be released soon that allows you to get one for yourself! Stay tuned for details but in the meantime, go blubber hunting.



Science Feud Quest - Part Two:

A ton of you have asked about this bit. We have taken feedback from the first run and found ways to improve. Expect this quest to begin at the start of March. Start preparations now and make plans to be free!


(Posted by Baugrems on Year 19 Day 365 2:24)

Happy 20th!

Some of you may have noticed that we are at the dawn of Year 20. A lot of new things are coming forward alongside this event and this is just part one!


Space Combat Garrisons:

As you may have seen in the latest Sync Report, a new feature for ships and stations has appeared. You may now store squads of fighters and gunboats into certain stations for system defense.

"What does this mean?!" - It means that in the next few months your systems may be in danger and will need some automated/remote defenses. Start your preparations!


New Playable Races:

A pair of new races, Kushiban and Pengauani are both set to be revealed about an hour or two after this post. They will be available for switching once the GNS announcement hits. Our galaxy grows once more.


CP Bonus Creature:

No that isn't a typo. We have ONE creature for CP bonus right now! Porgs! Get your personal flock today at Zoos, ranches, and wildlife preserves.


New Creatures

Purrgills are also released as a new creature.

(Edited by Kyle Rainer on Year 19 Day 365)
(Posted by Clarr Solo on Year 19 Day 365 1:38)

- New feature: Station Garrisons [see rules page]. Station garrisons is a feature intended to make defense of systems easier.
- Update Fincome Transactions overview: add option for last 31 days output, page loading slowly will not block other pages loading. Be careful as this may INLCUDE the last monthly run if it is within 31 days.
- Limited droid and item recycling XP to 1
- Added limitation on the number of bacta tanks you can monitor at once based on medical skill [see rules page]

- Fix issues with custom image submission form
- Fix exploit with xss on faction homepage link
- Fix issue where rules pages show mangled locations
- Fix exploit relating to npc market
- Fix skill category ordering for npc skillset fitouts user interface
- Fix issue with adding station build permissions crashing
- Remove form disabler on facility construction step 1 (safari back button fix)
- Cockpit squadron page now has filter box
- Fixing factory stations kicking items into space
- Handle situation where a power generator actively providing power being destroyed [rules page for power gens have been updated] (#5146)
- Could not edit budget descriptions (#5147)
- Workaround issue where forum badge not rendering with skin
- Add all missing size categories to city designer [8x8, etc]

- Added rules for combat tactics [see rules page]


(Posted by Ulrike Rayne Schultheiss on Year 19 Day 357 21:02)

Howdy folks!

We're currently experiencing issues with applying customs. The source of the bug has been found, squashed, and tested. The fix will be included with the next sync, but until then, it won't be possible to apply customs.

Thanks for your patience!

(Posted by Baugrems on Year 19 Day 356 0:08)

Some of you probably noticed that weird 8x8 Large Palace that has been imageless and unconnected to the game for the past... while.




It has now been fully added to the game and can be constructed by anyone. Enjoy.

(Posted by Clarr Solo on Year 19 Day 355 16:31)

Economy Tweaks:
- Facility Income will now run weekly instead of monthly. The total value of FI weekly will be approximately 23% of the monthly values, and will be delivered on Sunday nights. The the next one should be today at D355 23:00 if no issues are encountered.

Combat Tweaks:
- Added combat tactics for character, squads, ships
- Focus fire: Each entity will target the same enemy for every hit per combat round
- Spread fire: Each entity will have each individual hit's target randomly chosen (as it has previously worked); additionally, they will do their best not to hit a dead target
- Combat now requires Line of sight to target (firing on an enemy with a facility, or anything that you would travel route around, in between will now fail)
- Add link to combat report from combat event, this link is sharable with others (so do not share link with others if you do not want them seeing the report)
- Rename faction "Combat Reports" permissions group to "Combat" permissions

- Cross-terrain will now take a maximum of 4 hours
- made Admin-owned markets able to access NPC Market
- Organizing notable rooms list and making pointer more obvious
- Show IFF icon for squad leaders when on travel boarding screen (IFF icon will not show for entities that are in a squad and not squad leader - this should make it easier to board lead ships when a squad is present)

- Lots of updates to maps so they can be drawn in more situations (mainly when character is not at a maps location)
- Paused ETAs still counted down on sidebar e.g. when standing in a paused mine (#5113)
- Disallow multiple submissions of facility construction form, added link to start another construction in flash msg
- Add table editor to CKEditor e.g. faction profile editor (#5100)
- Party size under equipment now shows member count instead of slots
- Fix issue with overflowing sim news header when posted by long handle
- Fix recycling abort crash when aborting droids recycling
- Infotext inventory filter not working when None option is selected (#5138)
- inverted passenger count status bar color
- Add open-to inventory filter for ship and vehicle inventory
- Sort list of properties alphabetically in properties editor
- Apply a fire delay to all attackers, not just the party leader when attacking e.g. when in a ship squad you should be able to see a fire delay action for each ship
- Fix issue with Guard/Patrol/HostileAction: it does not reset action listeners when party leader changes
- Remove plotStepTravel and remove custom javascript on step travel cockpit page, clicking on map on step travel page now should bring up dropdown like other pages
- Add space combat attack button to scanner view
- Draw fire delay timer in cockpit screen (drawn on left hand side)
- Add squadron card to cockpit showing hull/shields quick overview
- Update privileges screen: fixes broken leader/2ic privs, shows which privs are missing (when leader or 2ic is missing privs, loading this screen will attempt to grant them - this is necessary if we add new privs)
- Remove CM output from pilot inventory (ships no longer show unmanned/piloted/npc in inventory piloted view)
- Remove CM checks when building stations (building stations had some weird code checks around piloted ships that were removed)
- Move piloted check for travel into the UI (should now correctly apply all-ships-in-squad-need-pilot rules before allowing travelling)

- Update rules around astromech droids in cockpit avoiding hyperspace aborts

- Transfer ownership lisp admin function (#5127)

(Edited by Clarr Solo on Year 19 Day 355)
(Posted by Ulrike Rayne Schultheiss on Year 19 Day 352 21:37)

It appears that we've encountered a nasty little bug with spawning custom items! The bug is caused by making over custom items prior to their approval by the art team. Essentially, if the custom item is owned by a faction (and potentially dead characters) at the time of approval, the tools can't figure out where to place the item and will crash. This also happens on denial due to the tools not knowing who to refund the CP to.

Because of this, we'd like to ask that people please avoid making over custom items prior to their approval until it is sorted out.