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Player Administration

Another multi ban (Posted by Baugrems on Year 20 Day 133)
1Year 20 Day 133, 13:15Baugrems banned player Yeva Dmitrievna providing the following reason: Multi Ban 2Year 20 Day 133, 13:15 ...

The combine has too many bunnies. (Posted by Noctis on Year 20 Day 123)
1Year 20 Day 123, 20:39Noctis banned player Prezbil Alankowski providing the following reason: HarassmentPlayer can submit a hel...

Multi-Checks Round 3 (Posted by Noctis on Year 20 Day 93)
 1Year 20 Day 93, 17:38Noctis banned player Zephyrine Russa providing the following reason: Multi Ban - Failing to register, fu...

Community News

Science Feud - Part 2 - Information (Posted by Baugrems on Year 20 Day 138)
In the interest of helping people prepare for the next phases, I am releasing the action plan with a few redactions. Here you go! ...

Science Feud - Part 2 (For real this time) (Posted by Baugrems on Year 20 Day 132)
The next stage of the feud will begin soon! Zoos, Ranches, and Wildlife Preserves will all have connections for you to get started ...

Science Feud - Part 2 - The Purrgil Invasion (Posted by Baugrems on Year 20 Day 125)
You've waited patiently and now it is time for the quest to begin! Step one will allow people to get ready and recover from the ...

Technical News

The Rabbit is back at it, again?! (Posted by Kyle on Year 20 Day 135)
Yep I did it again. Made off with Baugrems "horn" which aside from the quick transformation as a short bird that tastes delicious i...

Sync Report Y20D123 (Posted by Baugrems on Year 20 Day 123)
Tweaks: - Added protocol droid scripts editable by players- Added generic entity scripts to creatures- Droids now only capturable...

Star Wars Combine Esports Tournament (Posted by Esports Admin on Year 20 Day 125)
With the meteoric rise of esports over the past few years, we are excited to announce that the Star Wars Combine will be formally...

(Posted by Baugrems on Year 20 Day 138 16:30)

In the interest of helping people prepare for the next phases, I am releasing the action plan with a few redactions. Here you go!

Phase One:

Tags Returned:DNA BashersSport HuntersTech LoversZoo Keepers

Individual tag turn-ins beyond 100 may yield additional rewards but will not be announced ahead of time.

2000 tags will need to be collected to end phase one. If it ends up taking too long it will become a running total rather than a team total. We will see where we are in 2 weeks time.

Phase Two:

Terminal Hack Mini-Game

Participation in phase two will result in a Firespray (Gunboat) being spawned for your use in phase 3 if needed. Keep it nearby.

  • 100 xp per point scored
  • 1000 xp per match won
  • 15 max points, 3 max wins per character

Winning team for phase two will get an additional reward that is not being announced ahead of time.

At the end of phase 2, the two losing* teams will be eliminated. Members will be prompted to choose one of the two remaining teams instead.

* Losing teams meaning lowest placement within phase one and lowest within phase two. If the same team places last both times, the next lowest score will be eliminated.

Phase Three:

Space Combat

In this phase you will be fighting hostile ships owned by the other teams. Shoot them down to stop them from claiming victory!

Individual rewards will not be rewarded this phase. Winning team wins the Feud and will get a team reward at the end. Losing team will get a consolation prize.

The winning team will have the entity-type of their choice added to a community design competition.:

  • DNA: Medium Creature with good attack
  • Sport Hunters: Large Creature with High HP
  • Tech Lovers: New Projectile Weapon
  • Zoo Keeper: New Military/Security Droid
(Posted by Baugrems on Year 20 Day 132 19:32)

The next stage of the feud will begin soon! Zoos, Ranches, and Wildlife Preserves will all have connections for you to get started on FRIDAY of this week. If you go now, it might look a bit empty.


Don't fret if you can't make it by Friday, there will be plenty of time to participate.


More details and storyline will be released soon. For now, this is your official warning to get ready. Below is a map of Darkness/Quest owned locations to get started.



edit: Join discord here if you like: https://discord.gg/WjcrVkg

edit2: Team selection added. You will be able to begin hunting creatures and bandits for quest items in 4 hours.

(Edited by Baugrems on Year 20 Day 135)
(Posted by Kyle on Year 20 Day 135 11:47)

Yep I did it again. Made off with Baugrems "horn" which aside from the quick transformation as a short bird that tastes delicious it had the side effect of making me an admin again as well. So I've resumed my duties on the administration team and said adios to my character and my last name. Now I'm craving porg so need to track down Baugrems again.

(Posted by Baugrems on Year 20 Day 123 4:02)

Added protocol droid scripts editable by players
Added generic entity scripts to creatures
- Droids now only capturable if owned by 'Hostile Owner' (("Hostile Owner" is a technical term in this context, meaning bandits))
Added in automatic room movement for command room, hangar, docking, and entrance
- Applying images to items now require that the applier is carrying the item or that the item is on an entity that they can apply customs to. Assignment and ownership of the item are only taken into account when the above conditions cannot be satisfied.


Fixed inability to cross terrain into ocean while wearing necessary protective items
- Forum post vote buttons not updating on click
- Removed reference in rules to non-existent GNS flash news for factions issuing stock (#5069)



edit: scripts waiting on a small tweak post-sync to work properly so hold tight. Station inventory has a fix written that will be done soon!

Edit2: Done!

Edit3: Added in a missing tweak.

(Edited by Mikel von Bianchi on Year 20 Day 127)
(Posted by Baugrems on Year 20 Day 125 0:26)

You've waited patiently and now it is time for the quest to begin!

Step one will allow people to get ready and recover from the swap meet. You may notice a new guest in your ship's cockpit.

A small puzzle should keep you busy during hyperspace travel or waiting times.


The rest of the quest will begin after 200 people capture their Purrgil. Just to give everyone time to prepare.


Top Clickers:

1. Thrall Lothbrok with 1,928 clicks through the Purrgil system. (Biggest April Fool)

2.  Graham Buccheri with 606 clicks. (Wow Thrall)

3. Magnhild Valthjofdottir with 535 clicks. (lol Thrall clicked a lot)


TOTAL CLICKS: 39,151! (Thrall did 1,928 of them)


(That's 4.9%)

(Edited by Baugrems on Year 20 Day 126)
(Posted by Esports Admin on Year 20 Day 126 0:13)

One of the biggest announcements the team has for the upcoming years is finally here. Many players old and new complain that SWCombine can often take too long. Flying across the galaxy in a cap ship can take ages. Say goodbye to this old system as we look to the future.


SWC+ will enter us into the world of CCGs. Collect cards, build decks, and battle other players for dominance. Factions and assets will remain the same.


Click here for a preview of the cards.


(Posted by Esports Admin on Year 20 Day 125 0:01)

With the meteoric rise of esports over the past few years, we are excited to announce that the Star Wars Combine will be formally entering the competitive gaming scene beginning this summer. We feel that this has the potential to significantly enhance the browser gaming experience and will give casual gamers and spectators alike the opportunity to support some of their favorite professional SWC players.

We are in the process of finalizing the recruitment requirements in order to add fresh talent to our rosters. Our goal is to support up to twelve separate teams for our upcoming Combine League International Tournament, which is expected to launch this August and will feature an exciting prize pool that includes Star Wars Combine-themed apparel* and dinner at Selatos' favorite restaurant*.

Still confused and not really sure what all this newfangled talk of electronic sports even means? Check out this exciting clip of genuine training footage to get a feel for what you can expect from the fast-paced, high-pressure world of SWC Esports. Think you've got what it takes to join the professionals and earn yourself some sweet sweet prizes? Warm up those left click fingers and keep an eye out for more details!

*Winners will be responsible for all associated costs.

(Posted by Ulrike Rayne Schultheiss on Year 20 Day 107 8:15)

Howdy, folks! I come bearing good news for all!

As of last night, we've had a bit of an overhaul to the custom system. We've introduced quite a few new features, fixed up some old ones, and gutted entire swathes of code to make the system more maintainable and reliable.

Before we get to the good stuff, I want to give a bit of a warning: due to how much was rewritten, you may encounter some new bugs. If you do, don't panic! Just scurry on over to the bug report system, check to see if the bug has already been reported, and, if not, make a report for it so we can take a look and get it sorted out!

Here's a list of the major changes:

  • Custom items are now placed into the standard custom queue. Due to this change, they're no longer spawned upon request.
  • Custom items may be spawned for 100cp from the CP > Custom List page.
  • Custom images and items may be shared with other players and factions from the CP > Custom List page.
  • Customs shared with players may be provided a number of uses (or -1 for unlimited). Currently, quantities do not apply to customs shared with factions.
  • Customs may be "hidden" from the CP > Custom List page. Hiding customs there will also prevent the customs from appearing when you're applying customs.
  • Planet customs can now be submitted through the custom system by the leader or 2IC of the controlling faction. Currently, system customs must still be submitted through the Public Art forum.
  • Ships and vehicles can now have cockpit and hangar/docking bay custom images submitted and applied to them.

We're also introducing some changes to the way we handle public customs. Starting today, all public customs will be given a 2 year lifetime. After 2 years, the public custom will need to be resubmitted for review from the CP > Custom List page. If the public custom is denied during this review, it will be converted into a private custom.

All public customs submitted prior to today are being given a 3 month grace period to be resubmitted for review. After the 3 months are up, public customs that appear as "expired" on the CP > Custom List page will no longer be accessible in the public custom system until they've been resubmitted and reapproved.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to shoot me a DM!

Bunny Edit: Please make sure to also review the rules here

Edit 2: Looks like we've caught ourselves some bugs!

Known bugs:

  • Public customs can't be applied
  • Planet customs fail ownership validation
  • Custom items spawned in cities are placed "inside of" the planet
  • Shared custom items aren't associating both images together
(Edited by Ulrike Rayne Schultheiss on Year 20 Day 111)
(Posted by Kyle Rainer on Year 20 Day 106 22:34)

- Tweak Item and Droid Deployment to use Properties to allow easier ability to allow entities to deploy.
- Add message in inventory is asset is docked inside a deleted entity.
- Minor optimization for boarding NPCs via party screen
- Undock redirect to main cockpit screen rather than travel screen
- Allow submitting build permissions for any city (not just the city you are in) when on a planet

- Faction Asset Protection Rules Added to Factions Rules Page
- Computer Control Centre Section added to Cities Rules Page
- Add which faction type and what facility / station used to produce entities to rules page
- Correct Stocks Percentage required for ownership on Faction Creation
- Update wording on Bacta Creation Rules Page
- Combine Points Rules Page Added
- Custom Image Rules Page Added
- Custom NPC Rules Page Added
- Entitty Deployment Rules Page Added
- Update GNS Rules Page to include corvettes as viable places to post from.
- Update Medicine Rules Page to include Kolto Patch

- Fix issue where cannot unassign asset when faction assigned as commander
- Fix issue with Faction creation where sending wrong parameters to transfer credits
- Fix InventoryList API
- Minor Boarding Position View bugs
- Materials split interface number inputs and maximum limits on number of piles.
- Fix undefined variable on vehicle load screen
- Fix issue with xml scanners error when in ship and npc in scan results
- Fix issue when atmospheric damage would not generate an event

Edit: Vertical Lockers are now Deployable in Rooms.

Edit: Custom Images have also been improved with some new features. Ulrike will likely do a post to better explain that in greater detail in the next day or two.

(Edited by Kyle Rainer on Year 20 Day 107)

Year 20 Festivities Continue this time with stuff to make your lives a little easier and more interesting new entities.



More goodies are expected to be coming soon as well. 
(Posted by Baugrems on Year 20 Day 106 16:53)

Many of you have asked about the part two of our previous quest with GenSci and the Twilight Foundation. We announced it would launch early March and well... here we are! A few things are being completed but be prepared for it to come very soon. It might end up officially launching closer to April now, but don't fear it is on the way.


Some FAQ for you guys:

Q: If we did not participate in part one, can we join part two?
A: Yes, of course.

Q: Where do we need to go?
A: It will be galaxy-wide.

Q: What do we need?
A: Fighters for space combat. NPCs/Gear for Ground combat. If you do not have much you can still participate just fine.

Q: Am I stuck on the same team?
A: No. You are free to join whatever team you like at the start of phase 2.

Q: Can I help with quest management?
A: Not for this one. Future events/quests/NPC work can always use more people though!


Edit: This will start AFTER the swap meet. Because I am nice and won't ruin your fun. This time. For now.

(Edited by Baugrems on Year 20 Day 106)
(Posted by Clarr Solo on Year 20 Day 67 17:31)

- Recycling UI queueing entities is now faster
- Add unclaim option to item inventory
- Add skill component to hyperspace abort cooldown timer
- Player custom image list groups small and large images together
- Update death asset succession rules, these may be tweaked in the future

Look and feel:
- Add absolute ETA shown on sidemenu timers tooltip
- Add facility, station, city construction link to position view screen where applicable

- Update Marketplace Rules Page to make the language a little clearer.
- Update Facility Income Rules Page to make the warning message more visible.
- Update Life & Death asset rules page
- The bugs page now lists supported browsers.
- System designer, based heavily on city designer

- Fix issue where facility construction was recorded as "Other" in transaction log
- Improve ordering of entities on some screens: where possible squads should be grouped in order with the squad leader first e.g. on scanners
- Two fixes to make paying off large amounts of facility income debt via inventory better: selecting all above max limit will allow you to select first set of entities, paying off debt generates a single event instead of one event per facility
- Blank page after squadron force leave (#5202)
- Fix more scanner link when controlling garrison squad (#5203)
- Fix export scanner from garrison squad (#5199)
- Update CCC Shield Gen linking rules, now CCC only needs to be assigned to the person doing the linking (#5183)
- City show stats screen not showing aborting facilities correctly (#5192)
- Fix behaviour of attack button from passenger manifest (#5194)
- Install Lock page can get into a redirect loop (#5196)
- Position screen XSS (#5193)
- Make unassign inventory events when using select all tag feature crash less (#4830)
- Fix issue using station construction using materials from diagonal location (#5188)
- Add loading spinners to scan and hail buttons in cockpit, finish-action links
- Update Creature Inventory to show Experience Level similar to how NPC Inventory does.
- Fix an issue where IFF list would crash if bad entry present
- Fix issue with corrupt facility type on build permissions able to be submitted
- Add another situation where build permissions can be automatically accepted: when you have permission to construct facilities from your faction and the facilities are going to be faction owned (issuing build permissions by plan allows faster construction by preloading details)
- Construction crash when accepted build permission contains restricted facility, error earlier if facility is out of bounds
- Fix issue with mine being full charging NPC costs for 0 yield
- Fix issue when toggling asteroid overlay when using inverse fog sensors
- Fix wrecked HQs being treated as a valid HQ
- Added an inventory filter for entities without tags assigned
- Fix up spam messages from cockpit tractor beam page, improve tractor beam load page speed for certain situations
- Add link to production in side menu when in an entity that can perform production (previously link only shown in cockpit and not under the side menu "production" heading)
- Unable to access market from NPC Owned market facilities
- Consolidate some material usage events into a single event (including production material usage events)
- Using items inside hangar/docking bay will show all passengers as targets for the action rather than those in the current room (#5205)
- Asteroid (entity) scanner icon missing on map (#5135)
- Hitting NPCs with ionic weapons give XP, hitting disabled droids with ionic weapons gives XP (#5191)

- Add NPC skills to Inventory/Entity response
- Add slot size and armour to Types/Ship response (#5164)
- Inventory/Entity crashes on deleted/nonexistent entities
- Added admin event upon new WS client registrations
- WS Admin crashes on dev


Known issues:

- There are some minor issues that currently cause the FI tools to not work and todays FI to be delayed.

(Edited by Clarr Solo on Year 20 Day 67)