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(Posted by Clarr Solo on Year 19 Day 301 23:33)

Facility Construction updates:
- You can now start construction from any location adjacent to the construction site.
- Builders will party together when gathering after construction.
- Construction UI has been updated to use a position view. This should work better on mobile. Other pages will be updated in the future.
- There are some backend updates to construction, existing construction actions are on the old system and new ones will be on the new system.
- New construction actions: can be paused and resumed without inventory refreshing
- New construction actions: will finish every minute instead of every 30 minutes

- Add sort by ID to all inventories
- Updated way player passwords are stored to match best practises (#5063)
- Fix bug where dead character items not transferred to carrier
- Clarifying skill selection on creation to say "Final Skill Level" (#4337)
- droids passing alone through locks causes crash (#5083)
- Fix bug on cross terrain screen where abort button can crash with exception
- Fix facility recycling not finishing correctly (#5077)
- Fixed exploit relating to government cockpit screen (changing taxes, etc)
- Fixed some exploits relating to CCCs and power generators (#5079)
- forum crashing with OOM when searching for nothing + added to robots.txt (#5078)
- general account settings crash if you change settings without a character
- non-piloted ship in your squad threw a confusing error when travelling
- Remove usage of birthday and gender fields on player settings, updated with tooltip about name field is used (#5066)
- RM weight gave excessively long floating point number (#3791)
- Types/Faction resource crashes when faction type has an item DC (#5086)
- Finish timer tool can now handle actions with multiple timers
- Datacards screen: Assigned datacards linked to inventory
- Update cockpit scanner filter to add filter by NPC

- removed reference to mine depletion changing terrain type (this does not happen)