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(Posted by Clarr Solo on Year 19 Day 316 23:09)

- Hyperspace Abort cooldown: you cannot jump back into to hyperspace for a period of time after aborting, currently 60 mins (#4389)
- NPC Fitout Skillsets: On the NPC Fitout screen, you can now also apply a desired skillset. NPCs will automatically assign skills to match this desired skillset when they level up. You can also make them spend their skill points by selecting NPCs in the inventory and using the "Apply Fitout Skillset" option.

- Add new inventory view option: summary view from current filter, this shows the inventory summary view with the current filter applied
- Planet deposit preview in planet inventory
- City layout preview in city inventory

- Fix issue with construction3 aborting failing when no return location set
- fix issue where planet stats were wrong after recycling, made planet stat calculation happen as part of the tick (#5109)
- removing useless option from faction stock owner screen (#5087)
- Update budget add/edit screen terminology for percent to make clear it is percent of current value of budget (#5106)
- Fix issue where characters could not be dropped (#5110)
- Fix issue where prospecting would not find vehicle sensors for some vehicles with corrupt field (#5107)
- Fix faction dissolution event showing wrong entity type
- Updates to maps so multiple maps can be drawn on a single page, and can be drawn in AJAX calls
- Rules sector map links for systems are in wrong spots on sector galaxy map screen, added borders for sectors maps, made hyperspace destination selection screens use same maps as rules pages
- Respawn timer was sometimes going into negatives
- Fix crash on crafting page when crafting requirements arent met
- Fix crash on cockpit plot travel when input coords is empty (#5099)
- Crash when new account visits CP sheet screen (#5098)
- Update Facility Construction UI to default coordinates to bottom left of current location, update roads and permissions screen to use twinview UI
- Reducing page jumpiness when pausing/resuming new construction actions
- non integer party slot size not showing up properly on cockpit squadron screen (#5095)
- added script to cleanup orphaned budgets (#5072)
- Fixing crash on squad orders screens when an error occurs (#4842)

- Upgrade the code editor used to edit SWC LISP scripts (#4093)
- Upgrade CKEditor HTML Editor (sim news, faction profile, join messages) and move to CDN (#5100)