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(Posted by Baugrems on Year 19 Day 365 2:24)

Happy 20th!

Some of you may have noticed that we are at the dawn of Year 20. A lot of new things are coming forward alongside this event and this is just part one!


Space Combat Garrisons:

As you may have seen in the latest Sync Report, a new feature for ships and stations has appeared. You may now store squads of fighters and gunboats into certain stations for system defense.

"What does this mean?!" - It means that in the next few months your systems may be in danger and will need some automated/remote defenses. Start your preparations!


New Playable Races:

A pair of new races, Kushiban and Pengauani are both set to be revealed about an hour or two after this post. They will be available for switching once the GNS announcement hits. Our galaxy grows once more.


CP Bonus Creature:

No that isn't a typo. We have ONE creature for CP bonus right now! Porgs! Get your personal flock today at Zoos, ranches, and wildlife preserves.


New Creatures

Purrgills are also released as a new creature.

(Edited by Kyle Rainer on Year 19 Day 365)