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Faceless Hunter Ascendancy

Type: Religion
Founded On: Year 20 Day 229
Leader: Logan Shivers
Recruitment Liaisons: Logan Shivers
Chat: #prefsbelt
Forum: Faction Forum

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A new Religion takes hold and spreads like wildfire across the Galaxy. It begins among soldiers but soon it spreads to other walks of life as the truth of the calling to The Hunt becomes evident to all who learn of its teachings. Every sentient is Hunting for something. Every sentient wants to leave their mark...wants to be remembered...wants to have a Legacy. That is their hope and this is their chance to achieve it. The Faceless Hunter Ascendancy is born...

Religion is a calling. A calling to follow a certain path and way of life. Religion is neither good nor evil, it transcends such notions. It permeates one's soul and calls to them from within. Followers of the Faceless Hunter Ascendancy [FHA] follow a path that spawned from two separate beginnings. Those paths have now converged and become one wide avenue of life.  One path stemmed from the formation of the Alliance of Mercenary Consortiums, a regimented and militaristic way of life where hunting The Consortium's enemies forms a clear and concise path. The second path stemmed from the Force Order, the Celestial Kingdom. The Celestial Kingdom is an Order of Force Sensitives who have dedicated themselves to the hunt for lost Systems and to their successful reintegration into the Galactic community. Two paths. One way of life. The fulfillment of The Hunt.

The followers of the Faceless Hunter Ascendancy believe in The Hunt. This is not a deity, not a supernatural being, but a way of life. This way of life may take the form of hunting game, hunting bandits, hunting your enemies, the hunt for lost star systems and civilisations or the hunt for ancient and forgotten artifacts. A follower of the Faceless Hunter Ascendancy devotes their life to this path out of choice, because it is their desire, their passion, their need. It is their calling. The Ascendancy is more than just a clan of hunters. The Ascendancy hunts to undo the effects of time itself. The only way to do this is by way of the creation of a Legacy. It is the Ascendancy’s aim to provide a means to a Legacy for all hunters who walk this Galaxy so that time cannot erase their footprints.


FHA is a "closed" Faction as its membership is drawn from the membership of the Alliance of Mercenary Consortiums [AMC]. Interested parties should feel free to join AMC and then assignment to Faceless Hunter Ascendancy will be made upon graduation from AMC Training Academy or upon completion of our screening process to bypass our Academy System as would occur for all qualified and experienced members of the Galaxy.

Management Services: All are welcome to use FHA to manage religious facilities.
Legacy Services (Currently closed)


Datacards Owned:
Facilities Stations
Merchant Space Dock