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The father, son, and yet another multi (Posted by Baugrems on Year 21 Day 218)
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Community News

Art Queue Team announcement (Posted by Varcessaro A`Rynelba on Year 21 Day 207)
How's it do, all! As of our last sync, we've introduced a new team to Combine: Art Queue Team. We've decided to add this team fo...

Galaxy Fest - Information (Posted by Baugrems on Year 21 Day 203)
Galaxy Fest is starting soon around Day 257! This translates to around August 10th. A recent GNS post revealed some rumors about t...

More clicky things. (Posted by Evan on Year 21 Day 12)
New deathmatch and grudge matches. Deathmatch GRUDGE MATCHES!

Technical News

Sync Report Y21 D205 (Posted by Clarr Solo on Year 21 Day 205)
- Deep Space Asteroid Fields have randomized names now and act like permanently hidden systems. This is to allow the use of invento...

I like big storage and I can not lie (Posted by Kyle on Year 21 Day 190)
As the title suggests I do like big storage or just any storage of all kinds. So the theme for this release of stuff is storage, an...

Shocking New Weapon - Electrostaff (Posted by Kyle on Year 21 Day 175)
Our first melee ion weapon has now been released the Electrostaff. Enjoy and Have fun motivating those droids. https://www.swcombi...

(Posted by Varcessaro A`Rynelba on Year 21 Day 207 6:14)

How's it do, all!

As of our last sync, we've introduced a new team to Combine: Art Queue Team.

We've decided to add this team for 2 reasons: to improve how quickly art is approved and to allow the Art Team to focus more on art and the creation or modification of rules rather than the enforcement of art rules. The Art Team will still have the final say on any approvals or denials as the Art Queue Team only deals with enforcement of the rules, so if you believe an image that was acceptable has been denied, you'll still need to bring it up with the current Art Team Director. If you have questions on how to fix the image or why the image was denied, however, you may also now contact the current Art Queue Team Director (me)!

We have 10 Art Queue Team members that have been picked due to their track record with following the art rules. Worry not, however! We may expand the art queue team in the future!

At this time, we won't be announcing who is on the Art Queue Team, though they may choose to do so themselves if they want to.

Feel free to send me a DM if you have any questions about the Art Queue Team or how it functions.

Thanks for your time!

(Posted by Clarr Solo on Year 21 Day 205 19:15)

- Deep Space Asteroid Fields have randomized names now and act like permanently hidden systems. This is to allow the use of inventory filters on assets in asteroid fields. The rules pages for these asteroid fields only show if present within the system.
- Fixed an issue with hidden cities at 0,0 showing up on rules pages.

(Posted by Baugrems on Year 21 Day 203 0:59)

Galaxy Fest is starting soon around Day 257! This translates to around August 10th.

A recent GNS post revealed some rumors about the upcoming event. This Sim News should hopefully answer things clearly for everyone. Now that the date is fast approaching some more information is available.

How long? Where is it?

Planet Ord Mantell in the Bright Jewel Sector will be revealed this month. You will have over a month from its reveal to reach the fairgrounds. The festival itself will last 14 days. Afterwards, the planet will remain open as a theme park to visit, but will have worse prizes and less vendors.

Can I trade or pool tickets?

Yes. You will be able to work as a group to gather tickets, and a form of trade will be available (but fairly limited). Don't expect to buy everyone's tickets but people can feel free to make credits off of the event if they would rather do it that way. It will be worth your effort to use the tickets instead of selling them.


Can we land on the planet?

Nope! Transport to the planet will be done via Quest Shuttles that can be boarded from a station in orbit. Only individuals will be allowed to enter Galaxy Fest. The nearby moons are shielded and prepared for prizes, so you will be unable to land. A nearby Gas Giant will be the only place to land or hunt. The space station will not be dockable but it will be open for anyone to enter. After the opening event ends (14 days after opening), landing will be possible at the fairgrounds themselves.


What do we do at Galaxy Fest?

NPCs will be spread throughout the fairgrounds that offer a variety of games to play. These games will be based on skills, luck, and some wit. If you lack in one or all of those areas, you will still gain tickets from playing. You will be allowed to play each game once per day and they will be open for the entire festival. You will always gain at least one ticket per play, but a rare jackpot can really boost your tickets.


The rest of the festival grounds will be filled with vendors selling Physical Datacards (potentially rare), collectable items (like plushes and t-shirts), food and drinks, and more. Many things will be out there for you to discover beyond getting tickets or souveniers. 


What should I bring?

Nothing is required at all!

Optional Things to consider bringing:

  • Hunting Squad (Can't enter, but other things in system might call for them)
  • Medical Equipment (Same as above)
  • Rare Stuff to show off (Or sell?)

I have more questions!

The Quest Team is happy to answer questions. A forum thread can be found here in general talk.

(Edited by Baugrems on Year 21 Day 203)
(Posted by Evan on Year 21 Day 12 13:13)

New deathmatch and grudge matches.



(Edited by Baugrems on Year 21 Day 200)
(Posted by Kyle on Year 21 Day 190 18:25)

As the title suggests I do like big storage or just any storage of all kinds. So the theme for this release of stuff is storage, and weapons. The weapons are good at killing things which you can then dispose of the evidence in the storage. Without further ramblings from a bunny onto the goodies. Cargo Containers went generic, we also offer a generic grenade launcher and a generic sniper rifle and a generic storage item as well.

The cargo containers had their stats redone to better fit their needs as well.









Edit: Cargo container stats were adjusted slightly mostly on the I, J, and E.

Edit2: Cargo containers may now be tractored and/or docked into any entity with a Hangar Bay or Docking Bay. They will prefer the Docking Bay for access purposes, but if there is no Docking Bay they will appear in the Hangar Bay (and you can board/unboard them from that room). See updated/corrected Docking rules. DM Baugrems with all questions.

(Edited by Mikel von Bianchi on Year 21 Day 191)
(Posted by Baugrems on Year 21 Day 176 18:30)

Coming to the Bright Jewel Sector on August 10th!

Listed from Highest Ticket Cost to Lowest Ticket Cost

Some prizes have custom images themed to the Galaxy Fest
3x3 Rock/Crater Moon 
3x3 Glacier Moon 
3x3 Lava/Rock Moon 
DP-20b Gunship 
Colossal Carrier
Foray Corvette 
Sphyrna Corvette 
GalaxyFest Diner
Clone Trooper Set
Heavy Battle Armor Set
Gonzanti Physical DC 1 use
ETA-2 Physical DC 1 use
T3 Astromech
WA-7 Protocol Droid
PK Droid
KX Droid
A280 Rifle
Green Milk

Prizes will spawn in escape pods above the planet, ships just spawning in orbit of course.
Delivery to selected location is available at addition ticket cost.
Moons are shielded. Individual Ownership possible. Located Adjacent to Galaxy Fest Planet.


List is subject to change. Date is subject to change.


Edit: Moons cannot be delivered. Must stay where they are.


Edit2: Tickets are earned by playing mini-games. Like tickets at an arcade. Not directly purchaseable. Must play to win.

(Edited by Baugrems on Year 21 Day 176)
(Posted by Kyle on Year 21 Day 175 20:28)

Our first melee ion weapon has now been released the Electrostaff. Enjoy and Have fun motivating those droids.


(Posted by Baugrems on Year 21 Day 173 22:13)

A new ship, not tied to any canon entities, has joined our game. The Colossal-class Heavy Carrier is essentially a smaller version of the popular MTC. This is a generic ship that we have been working on for a while now and glad to bring it to the game! 


The Generic Datacard for this ship is a massive 4.5 slots so be careful with the new automated Datacard checker that you don't lose it.

Check it out at the link below!


(Posted by Clarr Solo on Year 21 Day 172 20:38)

Faction Generic Datacards
- There is now a daily job that runs and will enforce generic datacard membership requirements.

- You can now duel wield any duel wieldable weapons (previously you could only duel wield the same type of weapon)
- You can now cancel a bacta tank healing action (if you are in the tank and conscious). Doing so will not heal you and you will lose the bacta in the process.
- Cybernetics now shows you a preview of the success chances.
- Sector rules page now shows mini galaxy map preview.

- Asteroid Mining Depleting Deposit crash fixed.
- Asteroid Prospecting from non-squad leader now works better.
- GPS no longer operates when in hyperspace (it didn't previously work in hyperspace, it just acted like it did)
- Asteroid prospecting events are now sent to more people.
- Fixes to facility construction not moving certain things out of the way.
- HP and XP transaction sheets are now more detailed, and Force XP sheet is split from XP and shown on its own page (for new events only).
- Fix Crash when protecting/transferring stocks.
- Faction Stock now costs a flat 100,000 credits to protect/unprotect (Previously cost nothing).
- There's been some changes to how infantry squads are stored in the database, expect future bugs with this change.
- Workaround for a crash when sharing scanners with NPCs who were holding items with corrupt locations.
- Fix Force Speed ability
- Force page now more mobile friendly
- Show stats page now shows location and has travel planner destination button.
- Fix bacta tank parties occuring.
- Fix IFF page multiple entry.
- Fix an infinite XP exploit (Thanks to the unrelatedly swoll Jic)
- Income no longer shown on galaxy map pages and other pages (The value previously shown was the meaningless tax income value, and was removed many years ago and entirely unrelated to any FI income)
- Red/Green/Blue Flash messages no longer occlude buttons behind.
- Some missing Station IFF images were added.

Rules updates:
- Asteroid field damage rules are more detailed.
- Jetpack rules
- Datacard rules

(Edited by Clarr Solo on Year 21 Day 172)
(Posted by Baugrems on Year 21 Day 159 15:52)

In honor of Star Wars day we are giving a special teaser announcement of an upcoming event.


GalaxyFest is going to be a large swap-meet-like-event that takes place at a fairly central location. Plenty of fair warning will be given before it actually begins. Expect in a few months to get a more detailed announcement.

Event will include arcade games and special prizes that you won't want to miss. Come alone or bring the entire faction. 


No Questions will be answered beyond what was posted here.

(Edited by Clarr Solo on Year 21 Day 159)
(Posted by Baugrems on Year 21 Day 153 12:43)

The GPS item can now be used to tell you how many deposits (revealed and unrevealed) exist within an asteroid field. Simply interact with the item while in a field to get the answer.



(Edited by Clarr Solo on Year 21 Day 159)
(Posted by Clarr Solo on Year 21 Day 144 19:57)

Faction Advisory Panels

New feature that allows shared ownership of factions. An FAQ and better instructions will be written up about this feature later in the week.
There's a new faction privilege called "Can view panel requests", the leader of the faction will need to visit the privileges page to ensure it is updated properly.

Asteroid Mining

Asteroid Mining part 1 has been released. Feel free to jump in and try it.
Part 2 will come later on that will make it slightly less tedious.
There's no faction restrictions on this form of asteroid mining, so anyone can perform it either for themselves or their faction.

Jetpacks & Force Speed

Jetpacks and Force Speed have been reworked. Now provide a timed buff increase to travel speed.
Jetpacks in particular let you travel over buildings while active.
Jetpacks running out while over a building hurts alot, ouch.
(We're sorting out an issue with people that used the old actions while the sync happened)


Asset Tag Corruption

There was recently a bug with asset tagging where the asset tag assignment may have been cleared. This probably affected you although it looked normal. You need to re-add your asset tag associations are on the faction inventory tags page (and your personal one).
(Looking into fixing it permanently with some database wizardry).


- Emails have been removed from a lot of places in the game UI.
- Asset tagging had some major database changes
- Vision changes: ships in unmanned squads no longer provide vision. Only actively piloted squads will provide shared sensors.
- Ships, vehicles, stations, facilities that are: Under construction, wrecked, disabled, unpowered no longer provide sensors.
- Facilities, stations, and satellites will passively share sensors, and do not need to be piloted.
- Fixed crashes relating to assets blocking construction sites work.
- Race selection in character creation back to being alphabetical order
- Removed darkness and quests from join requests selection.
- Fixed an issue with location coords of raw materials when inside squadded entity
- Added code to help fix corrupt locations that occur after city/planet/system moving by admins
- NPC Shops can no longer be wrecks
- Materials cannot be loaded into fighters/gunboats (this was already an existing rule) but some code didn't handle it properly. That code has had a stern talking to.
- The red, green, blue messages shown on pages will now show at top of screen if you receive one when scrolled down.
- Asset protection now generates fewer events.
- The inventory action "toggle" asset protection has been removed.
- The summary inventory page now shows any applied filters.
- Fixed a bug where inventory assign reason would not show up.
- Fixed a bug where debt would not be cleared after purchasing from market.
- Fixed a bug where regular mining events would not be sent.
- Salary page now accepts numbers with commas in them, fixed salary page showing errors when successfully paying salaries.
- Can add multiple IFF entries at once on IFF screen.
- Fixed some filters on credit transactions page
- Fixed relative links in the factions menu
- When purchasing multiple items from an NPC shop, they will now be supplied in an item crate for you by the kind shopkeeper.


Y21 D144 Evan Edit: As promised, the prospecting sensors we temporarily granted to the light freighters have been removed. Please refer to the Rules for ships with sensors capable of prospecting asteroid fields.

(Edited by Evan on Year 21 Day 144)