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(Posted by Clarr Solo on Year 20 Day 146 0:56)
- Added "reverse material loading", where you can view and load materials from adjacent entities if you have pilot or greater access.
- Added "Deposit" inventory filter for mines/farms
- Changed how historical stats collection works.

- Fixed issue causing character/npc item scanning to be slow on popular planets
- Added a spinner to show item scanning loading
- Fix an XSS in inventory location.
- Fixed issue where room descriptions would be wiped if ship description was set to blank.
- Fixed issue where you could not add newlines to ship description textbox in inventory.
- Added inline edit to descriptions on show stats page.
- Fixed issue allowing items to be crated while they were deployed.
- Fixed an issue where certain nested items/npcs (these items have a incorrect roomID stored) would not show their galactic location in inventory correctly.
- Fixed an issue where pages that skip showing the right hand menu did not generate valid html output.
- Fixed an issue where you could auto room move to multiple destination targets by clicking a lot.
- Fixed an issue where you could not "kick passenger" on lost soul NPCs.
- Fixed an issue where the NPC market interface crashed before you created a character.

- Fixed situations when npc talking can crash without showing error details.
- Fixed an issue where a npc talking crashing would cause the conversation to reset (now it leaves you where you were before the crash).
- Fixed the talking dialog clearing other pages tokens (like credit sending authorization token)
- Fixed an XSS.