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So you've encountered a bug! The first thing to do is: don't panic.

This page will detail exactly how you should go about reporting the bug and what you can do to get it fixed quickly.

There are several places to report issues, the support centre, the bug base and several specific forums.

IRC Channel: #swc-help (Link)

If at any time you are confused about a bug you can ask for help in #swc-help. Assistants and developers staff this room and are able to provide live assistance for any issues you may have.

When entering the room, please ask your question immediately, do not ask if people are around or wait for somebody to acknowledge your presence.
Discord server invite link

If you would like to receive live help with a problem and prefer not to use IRC, you can click the Discord server invite link above and receive live help in the #swc-help channel.

NOTE: Use of the discord server requires that your discord username matches your SWC Handle. Once you have full access to the server, you may ask your question in the help channel. You do not need to ask if anyone is around, simply state your question and someone will ping you when they have an answer for you.
The Support Centre (Link)

The Support Centre is a ticket management system that goes directly to the Assistants. The support centre is for any bug that requires database changes.

For example if you find your character or ship stuck in invalid coordinates this should be reported to the support centre to have the ship moved.

The most important thing to remember when reporting a ticket is to include all necessary details, we need ID numbers of anything involved and explicit locations and dates as to when things happened.

Any tickets you open are private and can only be read by assistants.
The Bug Base (Link)

The Bug Base is an issue management system that goes directly to the developers. The bug base is for any bug that requires code changes.

For example if you come across an error or a feature that does not work as intended, these should be reported as issues to the bug base.

As code errors may occur with many players at once, please search the bug base before reporting any issues. If you find that a bug is a duplicate of an existing bug, please add a note to the later bug pointing out that it is a duplicate.

If you see an error message, pasting the error message is often not sufficient, you also need to explain exactly what you were doing at the time. The developers do not have access to your account, so you will need to include all relevant information. Relevant information should be written as a procedure, in simple steps that a monkey could follow.

  1. The url the page you started at
  2. Detailed steps you followed
  3. What you expected should have happened
  4. What happened instead
  5. Screenshots
When your bug is attended to, the bug base will automatically send you an email. You will often be asked to provide more information, when providing information please remember to include everything that could be relevant, including IDs of entities, locations, assignments and owners, exact dates and events.

If your bug is resolved, please be sure to read the resolution. A bug that is resolved as "fixed" may only be applied when the next sync is applied (these will be listed on the sim news). A bug that is resolved as "unable to reproduce" requires more information before the developers can fix it. A bug that is resolved as "duplicate" is already posted on the bug base as an earlier issue.

If you find an exploit (i.e. something that allows breaking the rules for unfair advantage) please mark the new bug as private.
These forums are not for reporting bugs. These forums have strict posting rules that must be followed before creating or posting in threads.
Rules Updates Forum The Rules Update Forum is for typos and clarifications for any rules pages.
Description Team Forum The Description Team Forum is for any typos and improvements for entity descriptions within the rules pages.
Art Team Forum The Art Team Forum is for any problems or improvements to images used within the game and rules pages.
Suggestions Forum
Entity Suggestions Forum
Galaxy Suggestions Forum Descriptions Suggestions Forum
Race Suggestions Forum
For additional features to the game itself, the suggestions forum is appropriate, and for features to the games user interface, the website suggestions forum is appropriate.
It is normal for timers to "loop" for up to 30 seconds. The timers status page shows the overall health of the actions queue.
The Combine is a web browser game using HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. New features are tested against Chrome and Firefox on Desktop, and Chrome and Firefox for Android.
Please ensure your browser is the latest version. Please consider using a browser on our supported list:

On Desktop/Laptop:
  • Firefox
  • Chrome
On Phones & Tablets:
  • Firefox for Android
  • Chrome
On iOS Devices:
  • Safari [Major issues will be addressed, minor issues may occur, recommended to use Chrome instead]
These browsers are unsupported. Players have reported issues with the following browsers, if you use these browsers, be aware that there may be game breaking issues encountered. Please consider using a browser on our supported list instead:
  • Microsoft Edge (Multiple minor rendering issues, font issues, page resizing issues)
  • Internet Explorer 11 and below (Multiple major rendering issues, font issues, element sizing issues, Javascript issues)
  • Samsung Internet (Form input issues, Multiple rendering issues, Javascript issues)
  • IE Mobile (Multiple rendering issues, Javascript issues)
  • Maxthon (Major rendering issues, Javascript issues)
  • Opera (Page width issues)